How we make our ice cream:

First, in the European tradition, start with rich cream from a local dairy, sweeten with real cane sugar, add only the best pure Bourbon vanilla, imported Dutch cocoa, fresh roasted nuts, real Maple syrup and premium, fresh fruits to create ice creams un-equalled in quality and taste.

Second, minimize overrun. All ice cream has air whipped into it, otherwise it would freeze rock hard (not the best for licking or enjoying). The air percentage added is called overrun. Most, so-called "homemade" and mass-produced ice creams are made with 80-100% overrun. This means that, by volume, almost half the ice cream is air. By contrast we, at Mystic Drawbridge, make all our ice creams with only 30– 50% overrun. That is why our ice cream is richer, creamier and more flavorful.  

Third, we make all of our ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbets one batch at a time. We carefully hand mix every batch adding our fresh fruits, nuts and candies. In this manner we can retain maximum freshness and flavor. It is a true "Love of Labor." We love what we do and dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with "The Best" ice cream possible. "Experience The Best"